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Manistee Township

Manistee Township Assessor

Sharon Zakrajsek, MAAO
Great Lakes Assessing, Inc. 
P. O. Box 325 
Cadillac, MI  49601

Taxpayers may call or email the Assessor, or the Assessor’s office, during business hours Monday thru Friday to schedule an appointment, make inquiries, or request assistance with forms.  Ideally, a response will be within 24 to 48 hours; however, the response will not be later than seven (7) business days. Appointments are available at the township hall or other mutually agreeable location. Inquiry regarding records can be made by calling the Assessor, Assessor’s office, or accessing the township website and connecting on the BS&A record search when the site is completed.  
The Assessor will be available to discuss informally assessments and issues generated on the Assessment Change Notice by calling 231-468-2977 before the First Tuesday following the First Monday in March. 

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